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Synonyms for archive

Synonyms for archive

a place where something is deposited for safekeeping

Synonyms for archive

a depository containing historical records and documents

put into an archive


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Service Validator validates Axis2 archive files (AARs).
The Plasmon Archive File Manager gathers critical information from file systems about storage capacity levels and data usage to provide businesses with a clear understanding of how their primary storage is utilized and the types of data actually stored.
Archived data, business context data and metadata are saved to an Archive File (referentially intact and complete) and these files can be easily stored on the most convenient and cost-effective storage medium.
Going well beyond the traditional definition of archiving, active archiving allows companies to select and remove precise sets of rarely used data or "active reference data" from a production database and save the data to an Archive File, referentially intact and complete.
Archive files are saved on the available network storage where they can be easily accessed, browsed, used for reporting and even restored when needed, in all instances, file access is performed through the existing virtualization and pooling configuration.
This new capability offers greater storage resource management (SRM) by enabling administrators to take action directly from file level reports to move, copy, delete or archive files to tape by sending pick lists to NetVault: Backup.
To gather the historical photos, Coors Light contacted relatives of players and searched the archive files of newspapers in Mexico.
Our clients can now manage their graphic design process from initial concept to delivery of files, share, distribute and archive files, and decrease operational costs with a minimum of effort.
Now, with Avision solutions enabled by Adobe's PDF Scan Library, users will have more features and functionality to create, make searchable, compress, secure, share, review, and archive files as an integrated step in the organization's knowledge workflow.
The server leverages business rules to archive files from any network-accessible shared drive, while keeping the data transparently available to users.
LAS VEGAS -- Today ArcSoft(R) announced the availability of ArcSoft Backup & Burn(TM), a new personal computer application that enables consumers to quickly and easily archive files, rip and burn audio from music CDs into popular compressed formats (such as MP3), and create DVD video discs.
Virtual Ticket is a powerful integrated solution that enables organizations to centralize information, eliminate paper job tickets, manage production files, traffic and schedule jobs, notify and alert users to changes in production information, manage digital assets and automatically archive files.
Many companies are currently evaluating the potential for the powerful and intuitive product to radically improve the ability of users to find, tag and archive files.
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