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Selecting distinct, traditional inner city neighborhoods, Allegro is building artisan custom homes that capture and preserve the history and architectural styles of some of Houston's most established neighborhoods, reflecting the finest examples of signature home construction.
The guest was briefed on the history construction of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the designs of the mosque, which includes samples of various Omani and Islamic architectural designs in unique architectural styles.
California Mission Architecture: A Survey and Sourcebook is packed with color photos on nearly every page of its oversized oblong presentation as it thoroughly covers the influences cultures, and trends of California mission architectural styles and how they have influenced American architecture as a whole.
The pavilion showcases traditional architectural styles from Makkah, Jeddah and Taif.
This article will define three different architectural styles for deploying multidomain MDM, discuss the pros and cons of each approach, and provide examples of which use cases might favour one style over another.
Profusely illustrated throughout, enhanced with samples and examples of interior layouts, synopsis of diverse architectural styles, "Creating Your Own Architectural Style" is especially ideal for the non-specialist general reader who is contemplating having their own home built to their own specifications, needs, conceptual ideas, and budget limitations.
Though "ism" is occasionally applied rather strangely to garner more styles (Indism, for example, referring to Indian architecture), this is a handy and attractive guide for students and the popular reader as they look for definitions and examples of architectural styles and their best-known examples and practitioners worldwide.
An excellent acquisition any library serious about world architectural styles will want.
An unusual offering of multiple architectural styles, exciting retail services, pedestrian-friendly open areas and a wealth of mass transportation options has quickly distinguished Liberty Harbor as the prototypical 21st century urban living environment.
In The Village of WestClay, the buildings must be designed to reflect a certain 19th century period and only certain architectural styles are allowed.
Three Master Data Management Architectural Styles Enable Organizations to Select an Approach That Best Fits Their Current Needs While Providing for Future Growth
Originally built for some of the city's wealthiest residents, it's filled with landmarks and diverse architectural styles, including houses constructed from 1875 to 1929.
Part of the 'Reference Guides to National Architecture' series, ARCHITECTURE OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES is a recommended pick for college-level specialty collections studying British architectural styles from ancient to modern times.
An index allows for quick and easy lookup of famous places and other subjects, and an introduction to architectural styles prevalent in South Florida helps orient the beginner to the expressions, styles, and history of landmark buildings.
Through the centuries, these groups have generated architectural styles that respond coherently and efficiently to their culture, to climate, topography and available materials of the regions.
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