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glass made with plates of plastic or resin or other material between two sheets of glass to prevent shattering

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The company has plans to support a forthcoming exhibition of architectural glass at The Artworks' 1830 Gallery, which will feature the work of the aforementioned Alexander Beleshcenko.
Viracon is the only North American architectural glass fabricator focused on commercial buildings with its own coating capabilities," said Kelly Schuller, Viracon president.
Bin Kalban said: "Reinstating Emirates Glass' position as a pioneer in adopting technological innovations, the new coating line will enable the company to capitalise more effectively on the burgeoning demand for energy-efficient architectural glass.
Alzbeta Sinkova took the Award for Excellence in the Stevens Competition for Architectural Glass Design and has gained a 40-week work placement within a variety of leading UK and European glass studios.
The factory has a total area of 35,000 sq/m and plans to churn out at least 2,800 sq/m of processed glass each day and is set to provide innovative and creative glass solutions that would surpass the requirement of architectural glass in the region.
He was listed among Glass Magazine's "20 Under 40" young executives in the architectural glass field in the national publication's February issue.
She attended the architectural glass program at Swansea College of Art in Wales.
Creates North America's Largest Manufacturer of Architectural Glass and Aluminum Glazing Systems
Silver' will be on display at the Degree Show for final year students of Glass, Architectural Glass and Ceramics at the National Glass Centre, from Friday, June 15 to Thursday, June 21.
A WOMAN who overcame dyslexia to study for a degree is converting her passion for architectural glass into a business.
Mother-of-three Joanne Jones, from Brotton, and Stockton gran Fiona Harley, have been studying for their BA Honours degree in glass, architectural glass and ceramics at Sunderland University.
These free programs encompass a variety of topics related to high-performance metal coatings, paint and architectural glass, including protecting surfaces from corrosion, basic paint applications, foundations of color, the effects of green building on paint specification and coatings for architectural metal.
Globe Amerada Architectural Glass announced that it has changed its name to Global Security Glazing.
The technologies licensed encompass a wide spectrum of both material and device sciences that the company believes provides them with key aspects to the commercial viability of integrating electrical power generating properties on to millions of square feet of modern architectural glass facades.
Mr Donlin said: 'When approaching an architectural glass project on this scale, a huge amount of thought and planning has to go into the heritage, themes and colour.
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