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a bishop of highest rank

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The Solemn Mass of Installation of the Most Rev Malcolm McMahon as ninth Archbishop of Liverpool will take place at noon.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, said that he "cannot support or sanction" ordinations of priests or bishops that take place outside a national church's jurisdiction, but he has "no canonical authority to prevent these things.
Catholic Insight magazine is asking Archbishop Marcel Gervais of Ottawa to deny Prime Minister Paul Martin the status of faithful parishioner' and to deny him access to Holy Communion.
Of course these people could have been married in a civil ceremony, or by a minister of another denomination, but these are prominent people, and nothing less than an archbishop will suffice.
The Labourites also had the support of the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Francis Bourne.
Eight out of 110 American bishops have said they will not support her and are seeking alternative episcopal oversight from a male archbishop.
In April 1978, he was named Archbishop of Toronto, succeeding Archbishop Philip Pocock.
Eight conservative dioceses of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (ECUSA) have told the Archbishop of Canterbury that they are no longer seeking alternate primatial oversight but would like a "commissary" from Canterbury to supervise them.
ACNS -- Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane--a liberal African voice on the subject of homosexuality--announced on May 13 that he will retire as archbishop of Cape Town in 2008.
Archbishop Gregory Venables, primate of the Anglican province of the Southern Cone (South America), wrote on March 22 to Bishop Colin Johnson, who oversees the diocese of Toronto.
Equally important, said Archbishops Hutchison and Carnley was the primates' "unanimous" commitment "not to encourage Cross-boundary interventions.
The metropolitans, or archbishops, of the Canadian church's four provinces may draw up a list of current and retired bishops, from various theological perspectives, who are willing to participate in shared episcopal ministry.
Honorary patrons of VST's Landmark Legacy Campaign, now underway, include three archbishops (Douglas Hambidge, David Crawley, and David Somerville), one bishop (Barry Jenks), and a number of other notable figures from various denominations.
The last two men to bold the job, archbishops Michael Peers and Edward (Ted) Scott, served the church for the last 33-years.
Of the 11 primates elected by General Synod, only three never served as metropolitans (senior bishops of an ecclesiastical province): Archbishops Derwyn Trevor Owen (1934-1947), George Frederick Kingston (1947-1950) and Ted Scott (1971-1986).