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the site of an archeological exploration

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The students were apprised of the historical values of archaeological sites of Takhtbai and given a lecture about the importance of preservation of archaeological assets.
Al Zubarah Archaeological Site covers an area of 60 hectares with remains of houses, mosques, large fortified buildings and a market.
The committee was set up in April to protect archaeological sites in the governorate from neglect after councillors described the state of some historic landmarks as "embarrassing".
A state trooper saw him at the site again in February 2012, and the state subsequently filed two misdemeanor charges of prohibited excavation of an archaeological site.
The first archaeological site, built in a unique architectural design, was unearthed in a palm tree farm west of Masafi, where several structures piled up on each other.
The remains were found in the archaeological site of Sant Miquel d'Olerdola in Catalonia and it is expected that they belong to two girls between 38 and 40 weeks of gestation who were buried at the same time in the same grave with their legs entwined.
Though the storehouses of Tuna el-Gabal do not contain any items, Mohamed, together with some 10 other guards continues to protect the area around the clock against potential attempts at searching for antiquities, as the public started to carry out their own excavations at different archaeological sites in the country.
In this connection, he reminded that safeguarding archaeological sites and retrieving their looted treasures are among the Interim Government's priorities.
The archaeological sites in Thi-Qar Province, comprising amazing ancient archaeological sites, date back to the ancient historic eras of Misopotamia (Ancient Iraq), some of them dating back to the Somerian era and others to the Acadian, Babylonian, Firthian, Akhmenian, Sasanian or Islamic eras, whilst it comprises the world's most ancient archaeological hill, called "Al-Obali Hill", dating back to 6,000 BC.
The site is not guarded, which is common given the volume of archaeological sites in Iran.
An archaeological site in the northwestern part of Honduras, for example, has two main areas: a ceremonial plaza surrounded by pyramids and a residential patio encircled by dwellings.
Adovasio, Director of the Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute, described his work during the excavation of Meadowcroft Rockshelter, which is recognized as the earliest well-dated archaeological site in the Western Hemisphere.
Modeling Archaeological Site Burial In Southern Michigan
Instead of an archaeological site, I was confronted with an open ditch, and the stratification and context of any artifacts had been destroyed beyond recovery.
In late May, reporter Edmund Andrews wrote in The New York Times of looting that was still going on at an archaeological site near Isan Bakhriat.
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