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of or relating to the earliest known rocks formed during the Precambrian Eon


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Microfacies, Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes of the Late Archaean Stromatolitic Carbonate Platform of the Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa: Implications for Changes in Paleo-environment.
Abitibi in Canada) with volcanic, intrusive and sedimentary rocks of the Archaean (Nyanzian) system, Kavirondian sediments, and younger felsic to intermediate intrusions varying in composition (granite, dacite, granodiorite, diorite) and often multiphase.
The topics include the nitrogen cycle in the Archaean as an intricate interplay of enzymatic and abiotic reactions, the organization of respiratory electron transport chains in nitrate-reducing and nitrifying bacteria, the transport and assimilation of inorganic nitrogen in bacteria, the assembly of respiratory proteins of the nitrogen cycle, the physiology and regulatory mechanisms of nitric oxide metabolism, and nitrous oxide production in the terrestrial environment.
One shows a microbial community from an anaerobic lake from the Archaean Eon, and the other shows a community from a current aerobic lake.
Topics include: Plutonism versus Neptunism, the sanukitoid series, the geochemistry of Archaean plagioclase-rich granites as a marker of source enrichment and depth of melting, chemical structure in granitic magmas, and more.
The Fennoscandian megablock consists of three domains--the Archaean Karelian Protocraton in the northeast, the Palaeoproterozoic Svecofennian Domain in the central and southern parts, and the Palaeo- to Mesoproterozoic Southwest Scandinavian Domain in the southwest (Gorbatschev & Bogdanova 1993).
During this period in its history, known as the Archaean, the Earth was covered by a poisonous smog of methane, ammonia and other toxic gases.
Here, deeply weathered, Archaean granite-gneiss of the Yilgarn Province is rich in stored salt (McFarlane and George 1992).
For example, preeminent evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr, who died in 2005, never accepted an archaean domain.
Genome-wide analysis of integral membrane proteins from eubacterial, archaean, and eukaryotic organisms.
Evidence from fluid inclusions for microbial methanogenesis in the early Archaean era.
When I get tired of the modern world, I imagine the Archaean world when stromatolites were the only signs of life," he remarks.