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type genus of the family Arcidae: ark shells and blood clams

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The opportunity to employ the many complementary services of Arcas will not only add to our revenue stream, but gives us an unmatched toolbox of sophisticated marketing services much sought in the current marketplace," says JR Richardson, President of Globel Direct, inc.
Spaceport America's facilities and access to protected airspace offer unique opportunities for test flights and experimental operations that complement the capabilities of Las Cruces International Airport and New Mexico State University's Physical Sciences Laboratory UAS Flight Test Center, together enabling ARCA Space Corporation to leverage the full suite of aerospace capabilities offered by southern New Mexico.
Only in New Mexico did we find the perfect combination of aerospace assets, airspace and affordability," emphasized Dumitru Popescu, Founder and CEO of ARCA Space Corporation.
NYSE Arca offers Netezza and its shareholders a highly liquid and efficient market, and we look forward to providing the company with superior services, market quality and brand visibility.
NYSE Arca's affiliation with the NYSE through their common parent, NYSE Euronext, is a benefit to Netezza as they list on NYSE Arca, NYSE Euronext's fully electronic trading platform that trades over one billion shares a day.