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type genus of the family Arcidae: ark shells and blood clams

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Arca has proved himself a 100-percenter ever since he was brought to the North-east as a 19-year-old by Sunderland boss Peter Reid.
Ambitious owner Geoff Thompson hopes to one day leads Shields into the EFL, and Arca thinks the town - which has a capacity of more than 75,000 - has the capability and resources to dream of such days.
Arca Continental takes pride in the Latin America culture, the family, and small mom-and-pop grocery stores, or tienditas, that make up the hub of the neighborhood by providing not only snacks and drinks, but a place to pay a bill, buy prepaid phone cards, money transfers and more.
P80 billion was invested for Phase 1 of Arca South that includes the development of Ayala Malls' transit-oriented mall, regional mall and lifestyle mall; the Arca South Corporate Center comprised of six BPO (business process outsourcing) buildings; Seda Hoel Arca South; and a 250-bed Qualimed hospital.
ARCA will provide in-home collection of qualifying refrigerators and freezers and recycle the units according to the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines at the Morrisville (N.
Former Argentinos Juniors player Arca, 27, came to Britain eight years ago when he signed for Sunderland - and he has stayed in the North East of England with Middlesbrough.
ARCA expects to recycle 7,000 appliances under the contract.
Materials handling company Arca Systems has chosen enterprise resource planning company Scala Business solutions (Scala) to deploy an ERP platform.
Her great achievement is to rescue the Arca from the sterile obsession with issues of stylistic development and attribution to which it has all too often been consigned, where Nicola Pisano's role as designer is virtually ignored and the sculpture is seen as the production of several assistants working as more or less independent agents.
The company is ARCA (Audio Recording Corporation of Arkansas), a full service audio production firm located since 1975 at the corner of Markham and Rodney Parham Road.
NRCA, ARCA, and CRCC jointly established the Rehabilitation Counseling Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice Statement.
Arca was meant to stay only a couple of seasons in England - Spain's La Liga was where he really wanted to go.
This early, ALI has already started to showcase to prospective buyers and investors the quality and kind of life that can be had once the development of the 74-hectare ARCA South has been completed.
In December 2012 the Armenian banks issued a total of 43598 cards within the ArCa national processing (by 40.