Arbutus menziesii

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evergreen tree of the Pacific coast of North America having glossy leathery leaves and orange-red edible berries

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Litter was sorted in the following categories: oak leaves, lichens, acorns, other leaves (mostly higher understory shrubs such as poison oak (late summer], Ribes californicus [year round], Arbutus menziesii [June, July], and Phoradendron villosum [year round]), dead insects, and miscellaneous (mainly twigs, branches [winter and spring], catkins [May, June], bud scales [May], dust and moss [year round]).
But an informal alliance of neighborhood activists, biologists, and city planners are taking steps to protect the city's Arbutus menziesii.
But work is being done to improve the plight of Arbutus menziesii.