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Synonyms for arbitration

Synonyms for arbitration

(law) the hearing and determination of a dispute by an impartial referee agreed to by both parties (often used to settle disputes between labor and management)

the act of deciding as an arbiter

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Shaikh Osama Al Safi, head of the arbitration committee, said all contestants and organisers did a good job.
Ahmed bin Hassan al-Dheeb, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for Commerce and Industry, Chairman of the Arbitration Committee said that the progress made by the Award is in line with the international practices in the field of voluntary work.
In its decision, the three-member arbitration committee said CJHDevCo does not owe the BCDA anything.
The two sides pledged to halt their verbal attacks on each other via the media, and said they had formed an arbitration committee in order to settle their differences.
Regarded as one of the brightest talents to emerge from Sporting's revered youth academy, Bruma could be about to leave the Portuguese club for nothing as a row over his contract could see his current deal terminated, a dispute to be settled by a Fifa Joint Arbitration Committee who are investigating the length and legality of the contract.
If there was no written agreement in this concern, the dispute shall be referred to an Arbitration Committee within 15 days.
Late on Tuesday, the Arbitration Committee came up with a decision stating that the workers had the right to go on strike.
5x standard deviation were assigned to advisory board while our remaining colleagues were included into arbitration committee as a referee.
Dr Nayla Comair Obaid, Vice-Chair of the IBA Arbitration Committee, said: "The importance of this topic is it highlights the integration and interaction between the state judiciary and arbitration.
Meanwhile, in addition to creditor financial institutions, they can also apply with host court or arbitration committee for clearance of debt liabilities.
An arbitration committee in Turkey has decided to advise the government to make 6 percent and 6.
Sanaa Al-Mo'min the arbitration committee coordinator of the award.
The Monday meeting also paved the way for the formation of an arbitration committee to discuss the matter of the Fakkah oil well.
Sandwell councillors on the general purposes and arbitration committee have been advised to give the honour the green light when they meet next month.
Made by Wikipedia's arbitration committee, the decision comes amid an ongoing battle between admirers and critics of Scientology over more than 400 articles on the topic.