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a kind of hedged investment meant to capture slight differences in price

practice arbitrage, as in the stock market

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About Quaker Event Arbitrage Fund Quaker Event Arbitrage Fund, a multi-strategy event-driven mutual fund that invests in corporate events including merger arbitrage, distressed investments, activist situations, capital structure arbitrage, liquidations and special situations, was launched on November 21, 2003.
The Arbitrage Rebate Firm Will Possess Extensive Knowledge In Performing Arbitrage Rebate
Marketing Arbitrage is an online marketing activity whereby a company contracts to provide leads for another company for a fee.
In the one year ended August 8, the best performing fund in the category was Kotak Equity Arbitrage Fund, with returns of 10.
In combination with Arbitrage Entertainment and Marketing, there should be no doubt that the funding for these projects will be achieved.
Arbitrage as an idea is comparatively simple: it involves buying something "cheap" in one market and simultaneously (or nearly simultaneously) selling it "dear" in another, making a riskless profit from the price difference.
The firm has been running merger arbitrage portfolios since 1985.
The paper begins by defining arbitrage and describing the relationship between Diamonds and the DJIA index.
This is based on the proposition that, for any income tax system in which items that are economically identical are taxed at different rates and not all persons are subject to the same tax rules, there will always be the potential for arbitrage of the tax system.
Arbitrage trading is an attempt to profit by exploiting price differences of similar financial products.
The current environment of falling interest rates could hardly be better for convertible arbitrage strategy.
It's a tale of John Meriwether and his professors, the best mathematical minds from academia, who were fabulously successful as Salomon Brothers' legendary bond arbitrage group in the 1980's.
An Illinois Circuit Court determined that interest income from arbitrage activities was business income subject to apportionment (Mitsubishi International, Inc.
Finance officers should be aware of issues of arbitrage rebate compliance.
Despite attention from governments, international organizations, and academics, the issue of international tax arbitrage has proven a difficult and at times intractable one.