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Since parking was privatised,I believe there is no avenue to take this matter to the courts,Citilink are sole arbitors in this matter.
On November 19,USDAW union officials met the company's director of distribution in a meeting brokered by independent arbitors from Acas.
The DOHA: (1) provides hearings and issues decisions in personnel security clearance cases for contractor personnel doing classified work for all DOD components and twenty other federal agencies and departments; (2) conducts personal appearances and issues recommended decisions in security clearance cases for DOD civilian employees and military personnel; (3) settles claims for uniformed service pay and allowances and claims for transportation carriers for amounts deducted for loss or damage; (4) conducts hearings and issues decisions in cases involving claims for special education benefits and claims for medical and dental benefits; and (5) functions as a central clearing house for DOD alternative dispute regulation activities and as a source of third-party arbitors for such activities.
Under the baseball arbitration approach, the arbitors decide whether the owner's or tenant's fair market rental rate estimate is most reflective of the true fair market rental rate.
On November 19,independent arbitors from Acas met Usdaw union officials and Sainsbury's director of distribution.