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the mountain peak that Noah's ark landed on as the waters of the great flood receded

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Minister for Emergency Services James Merlino visited Ararat today to announce the state-of-the-art station will be funded as part of a $60 million state-wide investment in firefighting facilities, training and equipment.
Carrying on her family's legacy, for Dorothy the Ararat remained at the heart of daily life.
To the Persians, Mount Ararat is "Kuhl-nuh" or the mountain of Noah or Saad Dagh, "the blessed mountain.
30am on Sunday at the Corella Place facility in Ararat, Victoria before walking off the premises.
According to the poll results, Ali Aziz from Ararat FC was named as the best footballer in the Premier League after winning most of the votes.
To remind, following the Government's decision a number of NGOs and residents of Geghakunik, Ararat and Aragatsotn regions
The name Ararat is similar to the name Urartu, which was an Iron Age kingdom centered around Lake Van.
Donald was 47 when he disappeared on Mount Ararat, which the Bible says was the last resting place of Noah's Ark.
Donald Mackenzie, 47, went missing on Mount Ararat in Turkey two years ago.
During early July, GeoProMining (GPM) held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new gold extraction upgrade at its Ararat gold extraction plant, located near Yerevan, Armenia.
Summary: BEIRUT: A team of amateur climbers has reached the summit of Mount Ararat, becoming the first Lebanese group to scale the controversial peak.
Married Mr Dando, of Sherbrooke Way, Worcester Park, was also an Associate Minister at Ararat Baptist Church, between 1988 and 1990.
This article argues that the post-Spielberg saturation of popular culture with risk-free genocidal narratives calls for a critical analysis of how hi/stories about genocide are produced, reenacted, and transmitted, Atom Egoyan's Ararat (2002), a film about trans-generational responses to the memory of the Armenian genocide and the ongoing struggle for its recognition, is uniquely suited to exploring these concerns.
Washington, August 3 (ANI): The photographic and physical evidence of a large object encrusted in Mount Ararat in Anatolia, is giving supporters of the Noah's Ark, which is believed to have saved people from the great flood in ancient times, new hope for the authenticity of the biblical event.
The three Germans were seized at Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey on July 8, reportedly to protest German pressure on Kurdish rebels' supporters in Germany.