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All specimens are adults except Araneae are juveniles and adults, Brochymena and Melanoplus are nymphs and adults, and Mantidae are nymphs.
Higher S content appears characteristic of Araneae, similar to silk and venom production, because it was observed across the 4 families and 9 genera analyzed.
8 prey/web over the two years combined, consisting of Lepidoptera (36%), Diptera (21 %), Homoptera (16%), Coleoptera (8%), Orthoptera (8%) Hymenoptera (4%), Araneae (4%), and unidentified prey (3%) (Table 1).
Araneae, micro-Diptera, and Bibionidae, were not affected by time of the d.
Spiders and scorpions (Arachnida: Araneae, Scorpiones) of the Nylsvley Nature Reserve, South Africa.