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a genus of orb-weaving spiders including common garden spiders and barn spiders

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An ideal customer is a company with less than 10 personal computers, says Aranea CEO Ricardo Saucedo, and no real budget for maintaining them.
1) is the object of the framework agreement to be concluded at the arib used aranea framework-based software for mait, arma and ccs of software development and maintenance services in the following areas:
Latin Sinae (after ancient Arabic Sin), China, and aranea, a spider.
Aranea offers ASP services to the low-end market through dial-up connections and provides mass storage space and backup for data users.
When Koch described Eurypelma, he did not designate any type species; however, the first one listed in his work, which is usually taken as the type species (Raven 1985), was Aranea avicularia Linnaeus 1758, the type species of the genus Avicularia Lamarck 1818.
The company's Aranea family of routers provides terabit speeds, and scales to support increased bandwidth demands, as well as carrier expansion.
Cyrtophora: Aranea citricola Forsskal 1775, by subsequent designation of Simon (1895).
Therefore, we hereby designate Aranea hombergi as a nomen dubium.
Ethologie d'Achaearanea disparata Denis, Aranea, Theridiidae, araignee sociale du Gabon.
Tableau des araneides ou caracteres essentiels des tribus, genres, familles et races que renferme le genre Aranea de Linne, avec la designation des especes comprises dans chacune de ces divisions.
Aerial dispersal in relation to habitat in eight wolf spiders species (Pardosa, Aranea, Lycosidae).
For the JSTOR search (1684-1973), all papers that included one or more of the following keywords "spider, spiders, ecology, ecological, aranea, araneae" were read.
Translation of selected passages from Nebel Catherine Elizabeth, 1918, The amount of food eaten by the spider, Aranea sericata.