Aran Islands

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three small islands belonging to Ireland at the entrance to Galway Bay

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Facing the sea are the jagged sandstone and shale rocky formations; further out, the Aran Islands dreamily drift near the horizon.
From my background, the distance between Massachusetts and the Aran Islands or Ireland in general isn't as far as it sounds.
extends an examination through the past, present and possible future of the Islands, in search of other salient moments in the literature and culture of the Aran Islands.
Synge: "Go to the Aran Islands and find a life that has never been exposed in literature.
The RNLI Aran Island Lifeboat crew was alerted and rushed to the scene where they found the two men had been taken aboard the research vessel The Celtic Explorer.
The Aran Islands are situated at the entrance to which bay of the North Atlantic?
And even Liverpool soccer legend John Aldridge joined in the fun to settle a row between two of the Aran Islands over who had the closest link to the Channel 4 series.
Inis Mor, the largest of the three Aran Islands off Co Galway, is planning a three-day "Friends of Ted" event to mark the ninth anniversary of the death of comic Dermot Morgan, the star of the Channel 4 series.
Inis Mor is one of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, where the TV comedy was filmed.
Too many of the photos are picture-postcard stuff misty images fading behind the curling calligraphy of chapter headings--but there are some impressive aerial shots, particularly of the Aran Islands, stone walls carving deep lines into their limestone bulk, or of houses huddling together on Las Ecrehous," as if for protection from the rising tide".
This sense of dramatic disorientation was heightened further by flooding the floor of each alley with projected images of the roiling waters of a sea pool known as Poll na bPeist, The Worm's Hole, which lies at the foot of the cliffs of Inis Mor, the largest of the Aran Islands.
The former member of the Great Britain kayak racing team has already had a close encounter with sharks near the Aran Islands, on the west coast of Ireland.
Synge's ethnography The Aran Islands (the latter chapter was published two years ago in Nicholas Grene's fine anthology, Interpreting Synge).
You can take a step back in time and visit the Aran Islands where life hasn't really changed much since the 1940s.
And when Marcy and tour guide Sean make a long journey to the rugged and remote Aran Islands, ``The Matchmaker'' pulls out all the stops, using the spectacular windblown landscape to knockout effect.