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French writer who generalized surrealism to literature (1897-1982)


a region of northeastern Spain

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The 1995 sequence was distributed into two clusters, the more northerly of which was again concentrated in the Eilat deep, whereas the southern cluster was in the Aragonese and Arnona deeps in the central Gulf.
Commissioned by the Aragonese pope Calixtus III and the head of the Dominican Order to write Vincent's Life, (40) Ranzano must have been given some instructions about how to present the new saint--and how to address some of the potential blemishes on his record.
According to this data, Eomyops noeliae would have lived during the Aragonese period "perhaps between the Lower and Middle Miocene (around 16 million years ago)".
Ryder analyzes the long, difficult relationship between the kings of the Castilian Trastamara dynasty, who had come to the Aragonese throne in 1412 with Castilian traditions of a more authoritarian monarchy, and the Catalan political elites--led by Catalonia's parliament, the Corts, its executive organ, the Diputacio, and the patricians of Barcelona--who were accustomed to a contractual relationship with the monarchy in which the Corts controlled legislation and extraordinary taxation and the king was bound to observe the privileges and liberties of the principality.
In the Pedacos de Historia, Perez drew on Tacitus's histories in order to provide ideological justification for tyrannicide and for the Aragonese rebellion against Philip II, which had been unleashed by Perez's imprisonment in Zaragoza.
In a cover letter Oliverius expressed his hope that Signor Hernando would bring his person and commemoration to the attention of Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba, "Great Captain" of the Aragonese forces that were fighting to vindicate King Ferdinand's claim to Naples.
St Pasquale was a self-educated Aragonese shepherd who joined the Franciscan Order as a lay-brother and in his humility, in spite of his outstanding services which included missions abroad, refused ordination.
Those Romances designated as "endangered" would be Asturian, Aragonese, Provencal, Gascon, and Arumanian while Galician is assessed as "potentially endangered".
They were accused of following the doctrine of the Aragonese theologian Miguel de Molinos (1628-1696), and were maybe inspired by his confession and defence of corporeal experiences during his trial by the Inquisition.
For example, Hay (1977, 26) relates how papal actions in France or Spain were intertwined with Italian interests, "as when Calixtus III [1455-1458] bargained Italian against Spanish bishropics and abbeys in an effort to cope with the hungry members of the Aragonese house and the appetites, only slightly less ravenous, of his own Borgia relatives.
It was, however, disappointing and puzzling that no music from the central eastern region of Aragon appeared on the CD, especially as the Aragonese jota, described in the booklet accompanying the present CD as 'a musical genre in ternary time, 3/4, or 6/8, in a major mode,' is such a moving experience to anyone who has heard it sung or seen it danced.
We next headed to the cobbled streets of Corte, which is dominated by its fig-laden, 15th-century Aragonese Citadel, home at one point to 3000 French legionnaires.
By conquest, papal and imperial intrigue or marriage it passed to Saracens who came from what is now Tunisia, then Normans, Holy Roman Emperor Hohenstaufens, Angevin French, Aragonese and the Spanish Bourbons.
Furthermore, there are new playable factions such as the Aragonese, Sicilians and Hungarians, as well as new units for many factions including elite Arabic Faris Cavalry, Russian Druhzina Cavalry and Hungary Jobbagy Infantry.
In order to know the networking and lean production practices used by the Aragonese automotive suppliers and test the paper's hypotheses, a survey was made from January to April of 1999.