Spanish Civil War

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civil war in Spain in which Franco succeeded in overthrowing the republican government

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4) Only 18,000 volunteered in Catalonia for the Popular Army, and perhaps 25,000 ended up on the Aragon front in 1936.
On the Aragon front in early September 1936, Nationalists reported that the enemy's lack of regular meals for two days had caused its morale to falter.
In the article, Frankford accused POUM, and especially its commander, Georges Kopp, of secretly helping the Fascists on the Aragon front in northeast Spain and of deliberately rebelling against their Communist allies in Barcelona.
After some sketchy training, Carne finds himself serving with the POUM militia on the Aragon front.
13)Second, Casanova argues not only that speculation and inflation survived in Aragon, but that the collectives were economic failures, unable to solve "the problems of production and exchange," whereas Kelsey maintains that the collectives eliminated the speculation and inflation common to war economies, ably supplied the Aragon front, and introduced "a profound measure of rationalisation to village society, ensuring both full employment and maximum production.