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the Semitic language of the Arabs

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Quant a la transmission arabe, c'est principalement destinee aux telespectateurs arabophones du Proche et Moyen-Orient, et du Maghreb, la chaEne sera aussi largement diffusee en France, en Europe et en Afrique.
A ma connaissance, il y a chaque annee deux prix [beaucoup moins que]francophones[beaucoup plus grand que], Atlas et Mamounia, et le prix du livre qu'octroient les instances de tutelle culturelle, le fameux prix du Maroc, plutot arabophone.
Interestingly, some of Ben Jelloun's views on Arabic have brought him wider criticism from a number of Arabophone authors.
Ces elections vont permettre de designer un gouvernement normal et de tourner la page de la transition", a declare Rached Ghannouchi au quotidien arabophone El Khabar.
These local roots of Wahhabi influence are traced through biographical analyses of the leading Islamic scholars that promoted Wahhabi ideas in Ghana and Burkina Faso, which lead Kobo to find the beginnings of the rise of Wahhabi institutions in an alliance that developed between Arabophone scholars and Muslims educated in colonial institutions.
3]t, le 2 janvier, c'est le quotidien arabophone RaE[macron] al-Shaab, journal officiel du parti d'opposition Popular National Congress Party du Dr.
This book tells "the story of the religious, cultural, and intellectual achievements of the Arabophone Christians, distilling forty years of scholarly labor into a graceful overview of the ancient but still-living churches of the East.
26) USCIRF materials normally appear only in English versions, but this report and some other materials on human rights have been made available in Arabic translation on the commission's website, with the apparent aim of influencing an Arabophone audience.
Movements from all parts of the continent, including North Africa, have come together in the Africa Social Forum process (part of the World Social Forum process), building bridges between francophone, anglophone, arabophone, and lusophone countries that have historically been absent or underdeveloped.
Marnia Lazreg's important work, The Eloquence of Silence, describes how Algerian women, primarily Arabophone and illiterate, were structurally marginalized by both colonial and native societies, yet used the weight of their silent physical presence to play an important role in the revolution.
Recently, a few arabophone writers such as Amin Zaoui and Waciny Larej have begun to write in French.
Les eleves des groupes francophone, sinophone et arabophone ont des resultats scolaires au-dessus de la moyenne.
Dans une langue arabe tres academique et un style accessible a tous, l'ecrivain fait intervenir 14 journalistes femmes des differents medias, audiovisuel, presse ecrite, arabophone et francophone des secteurs public et prive.
Une visite sans images accentue le flou", titre en Une le quotidien arabophone El Khabar.
Convinced of the need to present the primary texts and prominent theoreticians of Cultural Studies in depth, especially to the Arabophone reader, we chose to concentrate on two founding fathers of Cultural Studies: Raymond Williams, presenting his trajectory in a comprehensive article, and Stuart Hall, translating two of his seminal texts into Arabic.