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a scholar who specializes in Arab languages and culture

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With British and French colonial power in the Middle East waning after World War II, American Arabists set about trying to create a policy toward the region that reflected the missionary tradition of "disinterested benevolence.
The CIA's Arabists were motivated by a combination of factors.
America's great game; the CIA's secret Arabists and the shaping of the modern Middle East.
While both brothers articulated a religious commitment to the moral improvement of India, and both asserted the need for the acculturation of pedagogic schemes and material, John Muir emerged as the reclusive Sanskritist with a distaste for inter-cultural denunciation, while the more careerist, combative but also sociable William Muir became the Evangelical Arabist, using his specialist knowledge to engage in public debates over the relative values of Christianity and Islam.
Taraf's Amberin Zaman writes in her column, "The Arabist," that liberal elites who support the Egyptian army believe that the only way to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from continuing their demonstrations is by resorting to violence.
La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art will see the return of British, Yemen-based, Oxford-educated Arabist, writer, traveller and lecturer, Tim Mackintosh-Smith, who will give a literary talk on 'How To Travel Well: A Masterclass On Travel Writing' tomorrow from 7pm to 8.
The timing of the charges, in particular, raises questions, said Issandr el-Amrani, a writer and political analyst who blogs at the Arabist.
This time around, as highlighted by the Arabist blog, The Onion show the news if Iran was sending out western-style press releases on the U.
Readers of the book may have already encountered another important player in the story, Thomas Edward Lawrence, in David Lean's film in which the legendary English officer and Arabist is played by Peter O'Toole.
Philanthropist, and Arabist, Rhonda Coleman-Albazie, has been named Executive Director of the Beverly Hills-based organization, which is officially open for business and currently offering sponsorships, cross promotional opportunities and eight distinct membership levels for advocates, individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments.
An Arabist should have been consulted by Mattawa and certainly by Yale University Press.
Analyst The Arabist says that the imbroglio may simultaneously turn public opinion against Hezbollah, and highlight Egypt's role in choking Hamas' supply lines.
Richard Burton: The Indian Making of an Arabist by Simon Digby.
In a stimulating new book in the 'Wonders of the World' series Robert Irwin, Arabist and novelist, examines its engrossing and often mysterious history.
Instead, he delivered a textbook restatement of the traditional Arabist strategy Mr.