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a scholar who specializes in Arab languages and culture

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1624), his library was bought by an Englishman whose visit to the Netherlands happened to coincide with the death of this distinguished Arabist.
He finds Henderson's judgments about Israel "incredibly prescient" (89), and endorses the argument of one Arabist that recognition of Israel ended a century of U.
Holt); English interest in Arabic-speaking Christians (by Alistair Hamilton); Arabists and linguists in seventeenth-century England and their impact on the "philosophical languages" contemplated at the time (by Vivian Salmon); Edmund Castell and his remarkable attempt to produce a Lexikon Heptaglotton (by H.
According to Kaplan, the Arabists in the State Department collectively have inflicted great damage on the American people and government.
Though Arabic wasn't mentioned explicitly in the title, the session primarily focused on Arabic-to-English translation from the viewpoints of Arabist Leslie McLoughlin , Professor and International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF) chair Yasir Suleiman and two-time IPAF-shortlisted Iraqi author Inaam Kachachi .
Their Arabist leanings resulted in the deportation of Haidar's immediate family to Anatolia in the years before World War I.
To ensure the success of his friend, the mufti arranged for a meeting between al-Gaylani and the four Colonels, during which the mufti's Islamic and Arabist moral authority was employed to the full for the sake of establishing trust between the two parties.
This apologetic tone is almost completely absent in studies by European scholars of Arabic; they mostly work within the framework of orientalist or Arabist studies, i.
The only respectable man who befriended the skinny, trapped kid turned out to be an undercover CIA Arabist who took rat poison when criminal indictments finally caught up with his sideline as a child molester.
Surely no Arabist has ever been more generally known and widely accorded expert status by the public at large; few have ever been more generally known and widely accorded expert status by the public at large; few have ever had such influence among the tiny elite given power over the destinies of millions.
A personal reminiscence of Arabist Beeston (1911-95) and a revised bibliography of his work introduce a selection of his work.
One key indicator is the stories and OpEd articles in our flagship journals, such as the NEW YORK TIMES, pushing the "Punish Israel" line of the Arabist State Department.
With respect to the issue of the CUP policies of centralization and Turkification, the majority opinion in the literature, including contributors to this collection, is that these policies spurred Arabist feelings.
The judging chair this year is Saudi academic Sd Albazei , who did his graduate work at the US's Purdue University,Turkish Arabist and translator Mehmet Hakki Sucin (@mhsucin),Libyan writer Ahmed Alfaitouri (@afaitouri), Moroccan novelist and academic Zhor Gourram, and Iraqi critic Abdullah Ibrahim .
He combines the skills of a classical philologist with those of the Arabist and Sanskritist.