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position in which the dancer has one leg raised behind and arms outstretched in a conventional pose

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an ornament that interlaces simulated foliage in an intricate design

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He added,"I am happy to teach people calligraphy because it is one of the most interesting Arabic arts.
Located in the main avenue of Souq Waqif, the Art Center sets out to be a hub of traditional Arabic art and design.
About the curator, Brigitte Schenk, he said, "she and her gallery in Cologne have been involved in contemporary Arabic art for many years and, in dedicating herself to this mission, one could say her heart has literally been housed in the Arab countries".
Arabic calligraphy has been a hallmark of Arabic art.
The fine arts workshops showcased the basics of drawing, Naseh calligraphy, Ruqa calligraphy, and Islamic decoration, based on traditional Arabic art forms, a statement said.
A An entire hall is devoted to his work in the Museum of Modern Arabic Art in Qatar, and luckily for us, unt?
Each room is decorated with impressive Arabic art masterpieces designed by local and international artists in the region and the world exclusively for the TAMANI Hotel Marina.
Referring to the placement of the Torah, Bible and Quran next to one another she continued: "This gesture sends a great message from the UAE to people worldwide because many would expect a Middle Eastern museum to be focused on Islamic or Arabic art yet we find works from countries all over the world.
Designed by London-based Interstate Associates, the trophies incorporate several elements of Arabic art and culture- the traditional architectural fret work and proportions of Middle Eastern ceramics.
Recognized for its folkloric interpretations of ancient Arabic art and culture, her style is viewed as an innovative and artistic way to promote the message of peace and prosperity throughout the Middle East.
The design of the Louvre Museum structure will embrace traditional Arabic art as an Arabic souq-themed museum city is protected by a 7,000 tonne dome with a diameter of 180 metres, laced with layers of steel to create a so-called aACAyrain of light' shedding over the museum and its visitors.
The collection that I am exhibiting in Oman is linked with the Arabic art of calligraphy, which is part of the Arab culture.
Hewar Art Gallery, who has been the driving force behind bringing the artist to Dubai, strives to make a valuable contribution towards developing and facilitating greater appreciation of Arabic art and culture.
It was the first time that Arabic art was presented on a large scale as part of the mainstream arts scene in Canada.
Stating that Switzerland has played a positive role in promotion of other countries cultures, Maryam Al Zadjali said, Eoe1/4Eothe exhibition will help expose Arabic art to connoisseurs in the West.