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one-humped camel of the hot deserts of northern Africa and southwestern Asia

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The fact that the Arabian camel is the origin of the infectious disease has been confirmed recently.
B Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius) * ([dagger]) PO Sheep (Ovis aries) * KN-R Cattle (Bos taurus) * KLu-R Cattle (B.
The festival hosted in the State of Kuwait's official breeding grounds (Bait-ul-Arab) includes two championships namely: open-bred Arabian camels organized on the first two days and the championship for the Egyptian breed of camels on Friday and Saturday.
Despite not hitting the hot 100 (that's fahrenheit) the weather managed to distress the Arabian camels at Colwyn Bay Zoo.
But as temperatures across Wales continued to soar yesterday the Arabian camels at Colwyn Bay Zoo were treated to a jet of refreshing water sprayed directly into their only too grateful mouths.
In August, researchers pointed to Arabian camels as possible hosts of the virus, which has hit hardest in the desert kingdom, where 53 people have died from the disease since it appeared in September 2012.
Thoroughbred and crossbred Arabian camels are participating in the popular competition, which concludes today.
He said there are different types of Arabian camels.
Thumrait, Feb 17 (ONA) The 6th leg of the pure Arabian camels race kicked off at the Camel Race Track in the Wilayat of Thumrait today under the auspices of Bakhait bin Owaidhan al Bathari, Deputy Wali of Thumrait in the presence of Sheikh Ali bin Sultan al Mibaihsi, Deputy Chairman of the Omani Camel Races Association, sheikhs and dignitaries in the Governorate of Dhofar.
We are now building a camel track, which costs more than OMR100,000, for rehabilitating and training Arabian camels for the biggest races," said Saif Al Derie added.
Around 23 students have already been taken to Sammaliya, where they enjoyed the experience of visiting the stables of Arabian camels and horses, as well as getting a chance to ride them.
The best-known breeds of Arabian camels found in the UAE are the aeMisk', aeDhabian' and aeShtoota' breeds.