Arabian Nights

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a collection of folktales in Arabic dating from the 10th century

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That trout was, so to speak, out of the Arabian Nights.
Dick," he said earnestly, "if only you'd believe it, the adventures in the Arabian Nights were as nothing compared with the present-day drama of foreign politics.
She would have liked to choke old Sedley, but she swallowed her mortification as well as she had the abominable curry before it, and as soon as she could speak, said, with a comical, good-humoured air, "I ought to have remembered the pepper which the Princess of Persia puts in the cream-tarts in the Arabian Nights.
They were of the brotherhood of visionaries who likewise predicted the building of ships that would cross the Atlantic in five days, the invention of a flying machine, lighting by electricity, telephonic communication without wires, and other Arabian Night marvels.
Khaled Sharabassy, General Manager of Tilal Liwa Hotel commented, "The Arabian Nights combine culture, entertainment, and the best of local cuisine and I hope visitors enjoy it as much as we did, creating it.
The Arabian Nights is based on One Thousand and One Nights, a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales, and features the universal tales of Sinbad and Ali Baba, as well as mysterious genies, hidden treasure and an array of heroes and villains, including a chess-playing monkey and a flying horse.
Caroll Pattison, fund director at the Sunshine Fund said: "Thank you to everyone who attended our Arabian Nights ball for making it an amazing night and the money we raised was unbelievable.
And you can enter our Arabian Nights dressed marquee and let professional storytellers whisk you away with their Persian tales.
Scheherazade's Children: Global Encounters with the Arabian Nights is an edited collection of 18 essays published by the New York University (NYU) Press and the Abu Dhabi Institute (NYU) in November 2013.
The final film rounding off the Arabian Nights category is from Dutch director Mijke De Jong, who brings Layla M.
Arabian Nights is a delightful, poignant and hilarious series of stories, adapted by Dominic Cooke The Black-E, today, various times.
Moideen added that the venue for Arabian Nights could "easily accommodate" 70-100 children per session.
What interested Kilian was to create a first collection called Arabian Nights which have been built around the reconstitution of the Bakhoor, the oud wood burning in the air.
A: A family show that, whilst not being immediately Christmassy - there's a lot more sand in Arabian Nights - this will still enthrall and delight kids and adults alike.
An Arabian Nights theme party can also create a fun atmosphere with belly dancing and Arabian styled music.
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