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Their latest adventure sees them battling the elements of the Arabian Desert, and in the final episode, they're definitely feeling it.
He's persuaded James THE Cracknell to join him on a 300km camel trek across the Arabian Desert.
BEN & JAMES VERSUS THE ARABIAN DESERT BBC2, 9pm Adventurer and presenter Ben Fogle and double Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell have known each other since they were thrust together for the Atlantic Rowing Race way back when, but they've gone on to become firm friends, and these real-life action men certainly aren't shy of a challenge.
I've mused too many times here on why FIFA has suddenly discovered that it gets quite hot in the Arabian desert in the summer.
This offer is intended to encourage people to make time to get off the aircraft at Abu Dhabi and explore the emirate -- be that with a visit to the Arabian desert, a trip to one of the world's largest mosques, a tour of the attractions on Yas Island or by sampling the emirate's world class hotels and restaurants.
In his new film Hidalgo, Mortensen plays a 19th century cowboy who takes part in a trek across the Arabian desert.
Europe's second best might all be trailing in the wake of the world No 1 once more but the Tiger is not the only one burning bright in the Arabian desert.
Lawrence describes his first encounter with the Arabian desert.
Damascus: When Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, the Sultan of Nejd, united the tribes of the Arabian Desert in the 1920s to create Saudi Arabia, he contacted a family friend from Damascus, Shukri Al Quwatli, asking for Syrian advisors to build a modern state.
My own experiences within the Arabian desert relate to terror - a fear of the desert's horrifying silence along with a sense that it could swallow you up if the sands moved as they did once reputedly when a whole Roman regiment disappeared as it marched down through the Arabian peninsula from Egypt to the Yemen.
A MAN accused of killing his girlfriend in an Arabian desert swimming pool pleaded not guilty in a Dubai court yesterday.
I enjoy the outdoors, especially the Arabian desert experience," Shaikh Mohammad said on his profile.
His images and writings on his journeys across the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Desert are gripping tales of tribal people, cannibals and the thrilling anthropology of the desert.
But Bickerton has good reason for hoping that history can repeat in the Middle East as he returns to the oasis in the Arabian desert that is Doha with tail up.
A teenage tug-of-love mum hugged her baby last night after a dramatic dash to freedom across an Arabian desert.