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Rising from the depths of the Arabian Desert, a unique adventure awaits guests to Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre in the form of a 'Journey to the Edge of the World'.
Rolf Lippuner, General Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre, said, "Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre is delighted to launch this Extraordinary Experience, our 'Journey to the Edge of The World', that provides guests a remarkable opportunity to explore the wonder of the Arabian Desert while gaining a richer insight into Saudi heritage -- all of this in the comfort of legendary Four Seasons hospitality.
The rail line crosses the Arabian Desert, where sandstorms are frequent and large dunes can suddenly form, which has added to the difficulties in completing the project.
Dubai-based Calderan conceived TOCM to motivate people to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle - and also to give one's family members, friends and work colleagues the unique opportunity to sample and appreciate the beautiful Arabian Desert first-hand in a fun, non-competitive and safe manner.
IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN to the Great Sand Dunes, picture a large crescent of the Saudi Arabian desert plopped down at the foothills of the dramatic Sangre de Cristo Mountains that traverse southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.
The shades of this special Oriental Collection are highlighted by three exquisite colours -- 'Thahabi', showcasing royal walls that reminisce the golden grains of sand from the Arabian desert, 'Asmar', an antique and enduring metallic brown that adds richness and timeless luxury to walls, and 'Babil' that reiterates the ancient era with a rich green metallic coating.
Sheba traveled six long months over the Arabian Desert to meet King Solomon in Jerusalem, where she showered him with gold and gifts, hoping to establish new trade routes.
Set in the Arabian Desert of 1916, the film follows Theeb, a young Bedouin boy, and his brother Hussein as they leave the safety of their tribe to venture on a treacherous journey at the dawn of the Great Revolt.
Dubai is also a cosmopolitan oasis, a futuristic cityscape that towers over the Arabian Desert.
Here he's back in the saddle as a cowboy who competes in the "Ocean of Fire", a deadly 3,000-mile equestrian race across the Arabian desert.
With the W22Xd motors, WEG has the widest range of energy efficient low voltage hazardous area motors available in the market today and has the ideal explosion-proof motor solution for virtually every situation, from gas pipelines in the Arctic to drilling rigs in the hottest parts of the Arabian Desert.
The event starts on Saturday, March 28th and finishes on Thursday, April 2nd, after five punishing desert selective sections through the Rub Al-Khali (Empty Quarter) and western region of Al-Garbia in the Arabian desert, according to the UAE News Agency (WAM).
I would have screamed but I was more frightened of looking like a wimp in front of everyone" - Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who found a six-inch furry spider with a big mouth crawling across him during an expedition in the Arabian desert.