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a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa

a spirited graceful and intelligent riding horse native to Arabia

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The newspaper said the Saudi-led Arab Alliance-backed Operation Decisive Storm (ODS) indicates that the Arab nation is capable of taking decisive prompt action against anyone who tries to jeopardize the capabilities of Arab peoples, undermine national Arab unity or interfere in the nation's internal affairs by drifting the nation into useless sectarian strife, conflicts or conspiracies by those who want to weaken the Arab nation and desire to usurp the nation's vast rich resources.
In view of the above situation - which is rejected by Arab peoples - promoting complementarity has become an urgent necessity.
The Kuwait Declaration, read out by country s Foreign Ministry Under-Secretary Khaled al Jarallah at the conclusion of the summit, which was chaired by Emir of Kuwait Shaikh Sabah al Ahmad al Sabah, also reiterated the commitment of the Arab leaders to find practical solutions to the critical conditions facing the Arab world to serve the interests of the Arab people and to assert their capability to overcome political and security obstacles.
The Arab people do no longer support corruption, lack of freedoms and democracy and autocratic power, he stressed.
With his pro-Israel speech, Obama has clearly announced that he stood against the Arab peoples and their revolutions, particularly the Palestinian people.
However, the Arab peoples have expressed different views.
administration for presenting itself as the one that grants freedom to the Arab peoples while "it exercises misleading, lies and hypocrisy.
He drew parallels between Arab peoples in revolt and the Lebanese currently living in a state of deep coma-like slumber.
Arab peoples are resisting murder, assassination, corruption, oppression and the lack of freedom, because they have matured and are dissatisfied with the same old, stone age policies in an age of modern communications, the internet, the spread of information and the openness of Arab peoples to this modernity.
The Arab peoples pin great hopes on Egypt and regard Premier Gamal Abdul Nasser as another Sallaheddin el-Ayouby.
The demands of the Arab peoples for reform, development and change are legitimate and .
Some ten years later, the Arab peoples are answering al-Qaida's taunt.
We have all been rejoiced for Mubarak's resignation, hoping that other Arab peoples free themselves from dictatorships and enjoy freedom, in order to join the advanced democratic states, that respect human rights," he said.
AaAaAaAaAaAaAa Aa"It is a line of communication between our hearts, it is a new channel which unites our hearts," said Erdogan expressing his hope that the new channel would enhance the brotherhood, unity and solidarity between the Turkish and Arab peoples.
On the left, though, it sometimes can be found in what writers assert through omission when they are selectively descriptive and what they say implicitly about the value of Arab peoples when they choose to emphasize the sanctity of American life.
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