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underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc

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However, mineral Quaternary sediments do not form a sufficient aquitard between the mire and the limestone in order to preserve the Selisoo mire in case of groundwater lowering within carbonate rocks.
The second day focused on hazardous and radioactive waste storage in aquitard systems, with emphasis on the Ontario Power Generation's proposed Deep Geologic Repository for low and intermediate level waste (L&ILW) later in the day.
The K concentration is not included in the groundwater salinity correlation, indicate that it is contributed by the aquitard diffusion from the Pliocene clay and the clay interbedded with sand and gravel of Pleistocene aquifer (Moukana and Koike 2008).
In places, erosional processes in pre-Quaternary time, during interglacial and in late- and postglacial times have formed erosional valleys, cutting through the Lontova aquitard (Tavast 1997; Vaher et al.
Together with the Ordovician it composes the major basin-scale aquitard.
The overlying aquitard of till is composed largely of clay, gravel, and isolated boulders.
George (1992) described two aquifers in the weathered profile, the surface perched aquifer in the soil layer, separated by the pallid zone aquitard from a lower aquifer in the partly weathered saprolite.
This stratum is less permeable to groundwater and was described as an aquitard by the initial investigators.
The Middle-Lower Devonian (D2-1) aquifer system is isolated from the overlying D2 aquifer system by the Narva aquitard, but the water-bearing rocks consist also of fine-grained weakly cemented sand- and siltstones.
The amount of precipitation reaching the mine is largely affected by aquitards in the mine field: Quaternary sediments, but also relative aquitard of Oandu age in the southern part of the deposit.
Suitable aquifers must be capped by a regional aquitard (e.
Implications of the distribution of dD in porewaters for groundwater flow and the timing of geologic events in a thick aquitard system.