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underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc

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Clark's results show that the Bruce DGR is an extremely low permeability environment and that the pore fluids in the thick aquiclude at the site are essentially Paleozoic in age, and have experienced little to no movement since their emplacement.
It is here, however, that artisan conditions, due to the interbedment of sand aquifers within clay aquicludes occur.
The lysimeter was then gently pushed through the wetland media to the underlying silt-clay layer and then slowly pounded into the aquiclude layer.
The water outlet in 1999 was not very large because of the Savala buried valley acting as an aquiclude in the south and west and inhibiting groundwater inflow (Fig.
Below the Wilcox is the Midway Group, an aquiclude that also serves as the basement for fresh water in this area.
1996: Table 1) working with data from electric logs included beds outcropping near Burkeville, Texas and the Castor Creek Member in western Louisiana in their contiguous Burkeville aquiclude.
sat] ~290 times higher than the overlying claystone aquiclude (P = 0.
Five carbonaceous paper shale samples were taken from the aquiclude stratigraphically equivalent to the fossil bearing quarry beds.
These sediments are widespread and underlie the floors of many trunk valleys of the wheatbelt of Western Australia and generally become finer grained upwards with a claystone aquiclude overlying a sandstone aquifer (for example Salama et al.