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a transient shower of meteors when a meteor swarm enters the earth's atmosphere

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The first of those "shooting stars" displays, the Eta Aquarid meteor shower occurs each year in early May.
Meteor showers Shower Duration Maximum alpha Scorpiids Apr 11-May 12 May 03 eta Aquarids Apr 21-May 12 May 05 1 chi Scorpiids May 27-Jun 20 Jun 05 The Full Moon on May 06 interferes with the observation of the eta Aquarid meteor shower.
July 27-28: The Delta Aquarids are the major shooting stars of July.
2) He published numerous accounts of his meteor work in the English Mechanic, including a thorough analysis of his observations of the 1907 Aquarids.
It was thought that the orange lights could have been the result of the annual Eta Aquarids meteor shower as the earth passes through Halley's Comet.
The 2014 Delta Aquarids meteor shower, which is set to peak on July 28-29, promises a good viewing experience for the interested observers due to the absence of a bright Moon in the night sky.
Dec [alpha] Crucids Jan 19 Jan 06-Jan 28 12h 48m -63[degrees] [alpha] Centaurids Feb 07 Jan 28-Feb 21 14 00 -59 [gamma] Normids Mar 13 Feb 25-Mar 22 16 36 -51 [delta] Pavonids Apr 06 Mar 11-Apr 16 20 32 -63 April Lyrids Apr 22 Apr 16-Apr 25 18 05 +34 [pi] Puppids Apr 23 Apr 16-Apr 28 07 20 -45 [eta] Aquarids May 05 Apr 21-May 12 22 24 -02 [theta] Ophiuchids Jun 13 Jun 08-Jun 16 17 48 -20 June Lyrids Jun 16 Jun 11-Jun 21 18 32 +35 July Phoenicids Jul 13 Jul 10-Jul 16 02 08 -48 Piscis Australids Jul 28 Jul 19-Aug 17 22 40 -30 S.
One of two annual showers associated with Comet 1P/Halley (the other being the Eta Aquarids of early May), the Orionids are a moderately active shower, usually producing observed rates in excess of 10 meteors/hr near maximum.
Observed by Tim Cooper at 02h55, sporadic meteor during watch on the eta Aquarids.
A coastguard source speculated that any orange glow could be attributed to the annual Eta Aquarids meteor shower.
The months of July and August will offer sky watchers the viewing experience for the 2014 Delta Aquarids meteor shower.
On July 29-30, look for the Capricornid meteors in Capricorn, a little further south than you found the Aquarids.
Phobos (I) day hour 03 05:15 24 06:00 25 05:15 Deimos (II) day hour 03 05:00 27 05:00 Meteor Showers Day * Shower Duration 06 Delta Pavonids Mar 11-Apr 16 22 April Lyrids Apr 16-April 25 23 Pi Puppids Apr 15-Apr 28 -- Alpha Scorpiids Apr 11-May 12 -- Eta Aquarids Apr 21-May 12 * Date of maximum activity.
Low rate showers the Delta and Iota Aquarids have peaks around August 6, but the premier shower, the Perseids, has a favourable maximum on the night of August 12/13 due to the New Moon on August 10.
However, on the night of July 28 and morning of July 29, Delta Aquarids meteor shower reaches its pinnacle.