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father of the gods and consort of Tiamat

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Apsu could not lessen their clamor And Tiamat was speechless at their ways.
But before they can quietly dispose of the rowdy children, Ea manages to dispense with Apsu, the primal father, and Mummu his vizier.
Two interdisciplinary courses in writing, speaking, and researching have been offered to freshman students for the past fourteen years at APSU.
Online courses began at APSU in Fall 2000 with three courses and thirty-eight students.
According to Jensen, the Esharra is conceived there as a great structure in the shape of a canopy resting on the Apsu (IV, 142), a poetic designation of the earth.
Under these circumstances, the Apsu episode might reasonably be read as a mere preface to the main action, technically useful to, but nonetheless distinct from, the central conflict between Tiamat and Marduk.
The photobioreactor for algal growth and oil production was constructed at APSU.
Tiamat), and the gods are engendered (ibbanu) within her and Apsu (qerebsun).
Apsu and Tiamat are brought under control by gods (their offspring) in order to create the topography of earth and sky.
In Tennessee, Motlow State Community College and Austin Peay State University have signed a dual admissions agreement that allows Motlow State students to transfer to APSU with ease, with the process beginning at any time, as early as right after high school graduation.
By 1972, the APSU geology program had grown to the point that a degree program was established as part of a new department.
Marduk is his birth name that appears for the firsat time in tablet I:81, ina qu-reb Apsu ib-ba-ni Marduk, "Marduk was created in the midst of Apsu.
While at APSU, he was the Department Chair, Director of the Center for Teachers, and Vice President for University Advancement.
3]/Ahhazu originate elsewhere, dimitu emerges from the Apsu (1/2) while Ahhazu comes up from the ground (5/6).
James Corgan (1930-2012) was a well-loved Professor of Geology at APSU from 1968-1991 and was responsible for establishing the Department of Geology in 1972.