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The SABIC site in Teesside is heavily committed to employing and training 16 to 18-year-olds under the apprenticeship system, and is proud to be playing a role in the Trailblazer programme.
The Bahraini apprenticeship system would co-ordinate a system that offers graduates the chance to be employed as trainees at companies offering opportunities in learning new methods, machines, techniques and operational processes, paving the way towards hiring them as skilled-workers upon their successful final qualification.
Now a second year apprentice at repair and re-fit company Holyhead Marine Services, he is a firmadvocate of the apprenticeship system.
McGoldrick says in the traditional apprenticeship system, students must complete three and four years of training and roughly 9,000 hours of apprenticeship training before they become a certified tradesperson.
Mississippi Delta Community College and Athena--The Training Professionals have teamed together to offer IT courses required for participants in the National IT Apprenticeship System (NITAS).
We run the risk of derailing a new, better apprenticeship system.
The rapid expansion of the iron and coal industries in what is now an area that has the modern county boroughs of Blaenau Gwent and Merthyr Tydfil at its centre, relied on unskilled but also skilled labour, much of which was developed through what we today would call the apprenticeship system.
He is also a committed supporter of the apprenticeship system and full of praise for the college's "fantastic facilities".
There has been a widespread welcome from business for the planned shake-up of the apprenticeship system.
Derrickson says working for the Delaware Department of Education to help maintain high standards in the state's apprenticeship system is one of his most favorite incarnations.
The Irishman was assistant to then Youth coach George Mulhall when Boothroyd was coming through the old apprenticeship system at Leeds Road.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Government Accountability Office (GAO), the federal government's top investigative agency, today released a report confirming the existence of serious problems in nonunion apprenticeship programs and in the Department of Labor's management of the nation's apprenticeship system.
The Modern Apprenticeship system was ``too heavily driven by meeting targets which are not necessarily relevant to the economy.
The chair of skills training at Cambrian, Al Sidock says that under the traditional apprenticeship system students would attend school three times for eight weeks at a time during their five-year apprenticeship.