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Although these latest reports do not distinguish between basic research, applied research, and product development, the overall slowdown would hardly be consistent with significant increases in either of the first two categories.
The study, conducted by the Center for Applied Research, an independent think tank residing at State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT), was based on 12 months of research and input from more than 3,300 investment management industry participants.
Media Contact : Vincent Antenucci Center for Applied Research in Dementia, 330-631-9949, vmantenucci@gmail.
We're really trying to position us at Cambrian for applied research and certainly as a centre for this type of activity in the North," McCall said.
Xenemetrix's new partnership with Eastern Applied Research provides the company with a solid footprint in North America," commented Bruce Rowlands, CEO Eurocontrol Technics.
Applied Research Branch Human Resources Development SP-529-11-02E
A rash of new products - another AIDS drug, a better catalytic converter, a new wrinkle on the Internet, a better automated teller machine - are visible evidence of the success of corporate spending on applied research.
The result: a shift in science policy at least as significant as that wrought in the first two years of Ronald Reagan's presidency, when funds for applied research plummeted in favor of increased support for basic science.
Cygnus Applied Research Survey of 22,000 American Donors Reports on Economic Impact for Philanthropy
The Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre will be launched at the university's Armstrong Siddeley Building on Friday, January 20.
ca), an Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE), has funded a number of college applied research initiatives in collaboration with industry that have resulted in project outcomes being licensed to partnering businesses.
The Hershey Center for Applied Research (HCAR) announced today that Glycotek, LLC has established its laboratory on the HCAR campus, Building One.
They will lease space in SCRA's Applied Research Center in Charleston, SC.
It implies applied research and it also has a university connotation," says Gibbons.
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