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Synonyms for biology

the science that studies living organisms

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characteristic life processes and phenomena of living organisms

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all the plant and animal life of a particular region

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A graduate in applied biology and countryside management, he has scripted and presented many programmes on the environment.
Department of Pure and Applied Biology, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria E-mail: olusolanat@yahoo.
They can now move on to study subjects such as Forensic Biology, Occupational Therapy, Applied Biology and Microbiology at degree level.
4% to $91A million, including sales growth of 3% in Japan, where weak Mass Spectrometry sales were offset by growth for molecular and applied biology products.
in biochemistry and a Doctor of Science degree in applied biology, is a professor in UC Davis' Department of Food Science and Technology.
There has been a great deal of progress made recently in fundamental and applied biology al the molecular and cellular levels.
As his research in aquaculture grew John found an interested friend in the late Seward Johnson, and in 1983 John assumed the Director position of the Division of Applied Biology at the Harbor Branch Institution, Fort Pierce, Florida.
The Update section was chock-full of examples illustrating applied biology, and these can be very useful in class.
McCarthy holds a degree in Applied Biology from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.
John Vontas, Associate Professor of Biotechnology and Applied Biology, University of Crete, Greece, a leading international authority on insecticide resistance, explains the problem: "The control of olive fly has been largely based on the use of chemicals, but the intense use of insecticides has led to the development of insecticide resistance, which makes control problematic.
With a diverse portfolio of projects including metagenomics, plant and animal studies, cancer genomics and human genetics, the CGR is constantly exploring new technologies and making innovative approaches and applications available to researchers investigating fundamental and applied biology.
Birmingham Metropolitan College offers a number of science A-levels and BTEC qualifi-cations in applied science, forensic science and medical science, as well as an Access to Science and Foundation Degrees in Applied Biology and Biomedical and Laboratory Sciences that give all students the knowledge and skills required to pursue careers in these fields.
Purchase enables access to an online sixth section of the text on environmental and applied biology, newly developed for this ninth edition, as well as other electronic resources.
MICHAEL JOHNSON, 24, meanwhile arrives at SCM Pharma as a microbiology technician after completing a degree in applied biology at Northumbria University.
As well as all this she still finds the time to study for her BSc in Applied Biology at Newcastle University.
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