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a form to use when making an application

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For more information, or to request an application form, call 01642 526605 or email school.
For those of you who're wondering why this should be such a big deal, it's because, until recently, every encounter with anything official always required the laborious writing of a dilekce (petition), a longhand version of an application form which even some Turks struggled with (hence the signs you still sometimes see offering the services of somebody who will write your dilekce for you in return for payment).
It all started when Chauhan saw photographs of the chief minister and minister Haroon Yusuf on the application forms for LPG gas connection under the Kerosene- Free Scheme, and wanted the same kind of thing for himself.
Huw Lewis, head of communications at Nexus, said: "Concessionary travel cards must be renewed at least every five years and we are now asking people whose cards expire between April and June this year to fill in a short application form.
The online applicants can fill the application form either in Arabic or English within 10 minutes and save the Dh30 typing fee, which they have to pay otherwise at the typing centres, Dr Ali Al Khoury, Director General of Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID), said at a press conference.
Through utilizing precise technology, the new LoansForPoorCredit application form retrieves a list of compatible lenders according to the information provided by the applicant.
The figure represents a significant increase on the 39 per cent of attempted frauds which involved people lying on application forms in 2009.
But the application forms are not easily available for the applicants.
Summary: DUBAI -- The Dubai Police have asked banks to be more careful when transferring money or issuing credit cards as the authorities have detected a new ploy of submitting forged application forms by culprits.
PARENTS in Worcestershire have just days left to submit their application forms for a school place for their child in September.
Application forms are available now and the deadline for completed applications is December 6.
One of the first things David Cameron should do, when he takes over, is to distribute all state application forms between top sixth form English 'A Level' students, to allow them to redraft these forms.
This is a very logical move since all three application forms include duplicate biographical data such as names, nationalities, gender, marital status, etc.
Application forms must be received at the Sunderland Empire by this Saturday in order to audition.
Application forms will be available at the surgery, which runs from 9.
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