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Synonyms for apple

the apple of your eye

Synonyms for apple

fruit with red or yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh

native Eurasian tree widely cultivated in many varieties for its firm rounded edible fruits

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With Stone Dry, we wanted to capture the heart of traditional bittersweet apple varieties by showcasing their naturally occurring tannins," said Ryan Burk, Angry Orchard cider maker.
Apple varieties have evolved to be treated as intellectual property, and interested parties pay to play.
Some of our most popular apple varieties are susceptible to a number of diseases and pathogens, which makes producing them a challenge.
The themes are Tasty, which focuses on the flavor profiles of different apple varieties and can be rotated as an Apple of the Month program; Healthy, which focuses on the health attributes of apples in order to educate shoppers and Fun, which provides shoppers with creative and healthy ideas for using apples at home.
The garden boasts a beautiful selection of apple varieties - many of which may never be seen in the supermarket.
Ian Sturrock tends one of his Welsh apple varieties Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
Most of the common apple varieties are spur-bearing - they produce fruit towards the base of short side stems.
Visit a grocery store and decide on several apple varieties that vary in color, flavor, size, etc.
A lot of these apple varieties are very old - this is a way of returning some varieties that might be in danger of dying out, like the Acklam Russett.
Edibles has joined a growing movement to preserve and promote the diversity of apple varieties that we think of as British.
No Bull Cider is made from a blend of Tremlett's Bitter and Cox's apple varieties, the Tremlett's Bitter is a traditional bittersweet cider apple, originally from Somerset but grown widely as a cider apple now.
Keith Draper, one of the volunteers who has helped to restore the 18th Century kitchen garden, said: "We dug up the rest of our potato crop last week with plentiful supplies of Edzell Blue, Golden Wonder and Pink Fir Apple varieties.
The whole backyard food movement has caused a huge resurgence of heritage apple varieties.
Cox's Orange Pippin trees, one of the English apple varieties used in Copella's juice, will be offered to Sainsbury's customers who collect tokens from special 750ml Copella bottles.
Calhoun, working with local farmers and enthusiasts, has devoted three decades to researching historic apple varieties of the region, both in search of surviving trees and through interviews and reading historic catalogs.