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Aunt Olivia was married at five o'clock in the orchard under the late apple tree.
The summer house itself, so airy and so broken, is like one of those old tales, imperfectly remembered; and these living branches of the Baldwin apple tree, thrusting so rudely in, are like your unwarrantable interpolations.
I've laid in a heap of books, and I'm going to improve my shining hours reading on my perch in the old apple tree, when I'm not having l.
Jo spent the morning on the river with Laurie and the afternoon reading and crying over The Wide, Wide World, up in the apple tree.
The Emperor, wishing to rest and feeling unwell, sat down under an apple tree and von Toll remained beside him.
Matt, London, by email ASOME apple trees will need to pollinate with other apple trees to produce fruit.
A sapling descended from one of the apple trees in the garden where Sir Isaac Newton once lived, and it is claimed, had his own eureka moment, will now take pride of place on the grounds of SRC Bede Sixth Form in Billingham.
My Barsdey Island apple trees, said by Msome to be the rarest breed of apple tree in the world, are new, but they're looking healthy enough to carry on bearing the little crop of apples through to maturity.
The 900 meter- high town is located at the slopes of al-Hilo Mountain and it is famous for its green mountains, springs and fruitful trees, on top apple trees.
FINISH pruning apple trees that are fan, cordon or espalier.
WASTING large areas of lands to grow the lowyielding and labourintensive apple trees may no longer continue in India.
Apple trees were planted in the grounds of Fazakerley Hospital to remember them.
Contract notice: Operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant apple trees.