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apples wrapped in pastry and baked

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For Sea Salt Caramel Apple Dumplings, wrap each apple wedge with 2 flattened caramels, and sprinkle with a small amount of sea salt before wrapping apples in crescent dough.
Aebleskiver are round apple dumplings, rolled in sugar and served with strawberry jam.
Or it can be mixed with cream before or during the process to create thick sauces that scream for ice cream and candylike mixtures ideal for filling apple dumplings or cloaking sumptuous tortes.
They were used for drying, baking, stewing, apple dumplings, cider, vinegar, jelly, preserves, brandy, fresh eating, livestock feed, etc.
Apple dumplings are considered classic; the fruit, encased in dough, is poached, and then served with butter and sugar.
She views apple turnovers and apple dumplings as more or less the same.
There were plump apple dumplings and yummy peach cobblers.
Examples from the Roast Town menu include roasted chicken wings, onion petals and stuffed jalapenos, steak and red bean chili, oven-roasted chicken, homestyle pot roast, cold pasta salad, real mashed potatoes, frozen custard and apple dumplings.
Apple dumplings will also be sold for the price of an adult ticket.
Apple dumplings, cheesecake, four-layer caramel cake, and even Mississippi Mud are all made in house using the freshest ingredients.
Other treats are made fresh at each location to include: ice cream, waffle cones, sorbet, Brrrain Freezes, Blasts, milk shakes, sundaes, cakes and pies and seasonal favorites like strawberry shortcakes and apple dumplings.
Here, the streets are cluttered with cafes serving gooey cakes - apple dumplings laced with cinnamon, sweet breads topped with nuts and raisins and slabs of homemade orange and lemon cake.
In addition to Arby's classic sandwiches, Roast Town will feature appetizers, main courses like homestyle pot roast and chicken pot pie, side dishes such as roasted red skin potatoes, cold pasta salad and kettle cooked baked beans, specialty sandwiches, soups, salads and chili, and desserts like bumbleberry pie and apple dumplings.
Harvest Time Pick-your-own apples, snack bar, apple dumplings, cider doughnuts, wagon rides, playground, music by Korn Kob Band, 2-4 p.
of Fredericksburg, VA: Cinnamon Apple Dumplings "My mother would make me peach dumplings as a special treat, and after getting married, I wanted to carry on my mother's tradition.