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They decided to base all their spirits off of an apple brandy.
Far from being an aperitif or a digestif (pre- or post-meal libation), Calvados the apple brandy was served as cocktails by the mixologist at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.
For his feast in Longueville House, Donal's dishes include Sourdough Tartine with Blue Cheese & Roasted Honey Figs, McCarthy's Bramley Apple Bangers with Parsnip & Leek Mash, Sage & Cider Gravy with Black Pudding Crumble, followed by Apple Frangipane Tart with Apple Brandy Syrup.
The family has made cider here for three generations; one of the giant oak barrels where the heady, intoxicating apple brandy known as calvados is aged dates from 1792.
Several years ago, while attending a Christmas dinner with the family of my then-boyfriend in a rural town in France, I learned about a mid-meal holiday pastime in that country called the "trou normand," or "Norman break," a fiery glassful of Calvados apple brandy meant to literally burn a hole in the mass of food that is already sitting in your stomach to make room for a seventh course.
Apples were abundant and cheap, and their juice was easily converted by fermentation into a hard cider or by distillation into applejack, otherwise known as apple brandy.
Try the apple brandy with lemon and orange juice and a splash of maple syrup, or add to a whisky sour for some extra bite.
It had to be that stuff we were warned against: Calvados, a strong French apple brandy that to us seemed to be at least 177 percent alcohol.
3,4) 68 Worsening of patient's condition (7) 69 Silkworm's case (6) 70 Former Chancellor, - - - Lamont (6) 71 Seize control (of a vehicle) (6) 73 Large mountain goat (4) 76 Comfortable (2,4) 78 Excitable (5) 79 Hurdy-gurdy (6,5) 80 Horse-drawn transport (10) 85 Reversal (5-4) 86 Apple brandy (8) 87 Whisper (7) 88 Kiss
Pete is set to fly out to Canada tomorrow to taste sweet dessert cider made from frozen apple juice in Montreal, while Bill will take his camera to Normandy in France to photograph Calvados, a traditional distilled cider similar to apple brandy.
My homemade pudding - with organic raisins, sultanas, and home-made candied orange peel, plump Agen prunes, a decent amount of I pecans, freshly-cracked organic eggs, freshly-squeezed orange juice, grated windfall apple, freshly-ground spices, sourdough breadcrumbs and lashings of Somerset apple brandy - looks and smells fantastic.
Yellow-fleshed 'Newtown Pippin' apples fortified with apple brandy from Laird & Company, the country's oldest distiller, yield something so special it's almost a dessert in itself.
And anyone planning a trip to Normandy should seize the chance to try some Calvados, the justly famous local apple brandy.
GINGER APPLE BRANDY 50ml Three Barrels XO, 75ml apple juice, ginger beer, shot of lime juice.
Try adding some sultanas to the pie along with a splash of brandy or, even better, Calvados apple brandy.