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The competition between technologies throughout Nass River Indians therefore is not only operative between audio and visual apparati but, also, between instruments of sound mediation.
Those countries' internal structure and police apparati are likely to be far less constrained if activated by the CIA on behalf of America.
Their throwbacks still produce indispensable apparati.
In this context, there is a critical need to identify areas where capacity building and interventions through policy and programmatic changes are most necessary, and develop apparati for doing so.
Prout also proposed a list of tests, chemicals, glassware, and small apparati that can be packed into a small portable case easily carried by the physician for simple reliable tests on the urine and urinary products (25).
In her recent show an entire wall was taken up with a video projection, Apparati di cattura (Apparatus of capture), 2000, the title of which comes from Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus (1980).
To be in public life, you have to be part of the educative process, and my job is to go out there and help people understand the connection between waging war and spending billions of dollars on military apparati that detracted from the priorities of this country," Dellums explained years later in a discussion sponsored by the progressive Center for Defense Information.
A fifteenth-century Ashkenazi medical codex found at Moscow (MS Guenzburg 1481) contains a few drawings of chemical apparati and some instructions for chemical preparations.
Without familiar textual apparati to guide them, students are forced to consider how aesthetics are related to, if not determined by, access to money - to big presses, important publishers, glossy paper, validating academics.
But let us assume that I am a constituted individual and, for better or worse, full of ideological contamination bestowed upon me by the patriarchal, capitalistic, bourgeois cinematic and TV-atic apparati.
This is a problem for both democratic and non-democratic regimes, but non-democratic regimes suffer particularly, because they must divert economic resources to their coercive apparati in order to implement the policy.
On a negative note, some students harshly criticized the editorial apparati employed in the collection.
Forget for a moment all of the appurtenances, or apparati, and the architecture and observe: a group of people assemble together (the word church, from the Greek ekklesia, means "assembly") to listen to the scriptures and celebrate a highly stylized meal consisting of bread and wine, and, then, they depart to go about their business.
Of concern to realtors and clients is not just the high voltage power lines visible, but the invisible emissions from old-style "knob and tube" wiring, incorrectly wired, through code-compliant switches, electrical apparati such as clock radios, waterbed heaters, hair dryers, and currents in grounding systems.
Hamilton, the "Birmingham", and then "Pittsburgh", of Canada, has always produced iron and steel and many finished goods made from them: tools, nails and wire; machinery for agriculture and manufacturing; railway track and rolling stock; electrial apparati for consumer appliances as well as heavy industry and the military.