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With a touch of humor, this book features rural Appalachians and showcases its people as hardworking individuals devoted to each other and their families.
For information about Appalachian Grown certification and the matching funds application, visit www.
The Brevard Rosenwald School: Black Education and Community Building in a Southern Appalachian Town, 1920-1966 by Betty J.
The Canadian Appalachians are bounded to the west by the Laurentian craton, where little- or undeformed Paleozoic sediments overlie a dominantly Grenville-age basement.
Gehrels of the University of Arizona in Tucson report that about half the zircons they analyzed came from the Appalachians, and about one-fourth had eroded from ancient rocks in central Canada.
The "new social history" of the 70s is enjoying a revival in Appalachian history.
What: Rory Kennedy's documentary in HBO's ``America Undercover'' series about the trials of an Appalachian family.
WEE Geordie, Big Value Dave, Ronnie, Max and Big Ian, otherwise known as the Appalachian Strings, play the real music of Ulster Scots farming folk.
Controlled or prescribed burning has never been as applicable in Appalachian hardwood forests as it came to be in southern pine stands, but a growing number of rangers feel that earlier efforts overplayed the Smokey Bear image.
To meet the rapidly expanding market for native southern Appalachian ornamental species like rhododendrons and azaleas, six greenhouses are heated with landfill methane and used as growing spaces for these valuable native plants.
And making sure also that policy makers do not dismiss the cultural strategies such as family and kin solidarity as ignorant or irrelevant; in fact, say these authors, these strategies served Appalachians well when they found themselves caught in the grip of sudden economic disruption and a politically coercive system.
Despite less definitive information for other sites, he makes a similar argument for quakes in eastern Tennessee, western New York, and a handful of locations along the northwestern edge of the Appalachians.
It may seem odd in the middle of winter to think about the abundance of fresh, locally raised food that spring will bring to the southern Appalachians.
A team of geologists suggests that pieces of the earlier Appalachians exist in southern South America and perhaps Antarctica -- leftovers from a time 500 million years ago when the three continents may have abutted one another.
The southern Appalachians have many characteristics that make it a wonderful place to live or visit.