Appalachian Mountains

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Our location is protected from the bitter cold winters by the Appalachian Mountain range and although we need moisture from the Gulf of Mexico in the summer, we are far enough north to avoid the relentless pounding rains in the Gulf region.
travels through fourteen states along the crests and valleys of the Appalachian mountain range from its southern terminus at Springer Mountain, Georgia, to its northern terminus at Katahdin, Maine.
Jason Wallace will present an exciting investment opportunity from River Rock described by many as the most treasured area in the entire Appalachian Mountain range .
The property lies in the Appalachian Mountain Range and is flush with unique and highly distinctive natural characteristics, all coveted by buyers should the mountain be subdivided and developed as an exclusive enclave of luxury homes, or a privately owned mountain estate, or used by visitors as a four-star ski resort.
Awesome Appalachia - The Appalachian Mountain Range stretches from Alabama to southwestern Maine.
The Pine Mountain Ridge - on the southernmost edge of the Appalachian Mountain range - will offer a breathtaking fall foliage backdrop in mid-October.
He will start on the new "International Appalachian Trail," which connects the Canadian portion of the Appalachian Mountain range with Katahdin, in Maine, the traditional northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.
For seventy-seven years, Ethan Allen has produced high-quality case goods in its manufacturing facilities in the Appalachian mountain range from Vermont to North Carolina.
The county is located in western North Carolina situated in the Appalachian Mountain Range, 30 miles southwest of Asheville.
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