Appalachian Mountains

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We pinpointed 11 areas, such as the New York/New Jersey harbor, the Catskill Mountains, the Appalachian Highlands in the three states, Long Island Sound and active farmland throughout the region, where government action is needed to preserve the land and water and create a series of regional greenbelts.
In New England, the Lake States, Southwest, and Appalachian Highlands, managers and scientists are working to restore healthy, diverse, and productive forests and rangelands where decades of use have left poor ecological conditions.
Fayetteville, NC Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, Asheville, NC Sturgeon City, Jacksonville, NC The Society of Saint Andrew NC, Durham, NC Triangle Land Conservancy Inc.
Its soul may yet be saved, but it won't take many more clearcuts of old-growth timber from the southern Appalachian Highlands to Alaska's Tongass, or of oil and gas prospecting requests from Florida's Big Cypress to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, before the National Wilderness Preservation System is the strumpet that our avarice and stupidity would make of her.
Additionally, the funding will support a new "Not-So-Junior Ranger" program for visitors, ages 13 and higher, along with in-park teacher and student enrichment workshops at the Park's new Twin Creek's Science and Education Center, the Appalachian Highlands Science Learning Center in North Carolina and the partner-operated Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont in Tennessee.
The 1992 EarthGrants grantees include: Cetacean Research Unit, The Conservation Fund, Environmental Defense Fund, Environmental Health Coalition, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, International Institute for Energy Conservation, Louisiana State University Hazardous Substance Research Center, Museum of Science (Boston), Oregon Health Sciences University Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology, Organization for Tropical Studies, Pacific Energy and Resources Center, Peninsula Open Space Trust, Pesticide Action Network, Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, Toward Utility Rate Normalization, Global Action Network, University of Arizona, University of Maryland Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies, University of Oregon Dept.
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