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an impoverished coal mining area in the Appalachian Mountains (from Pennsylvania to North Carolina)

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In this way Appalachia can become a model for the world of how to live within the limits of one's place.
With copies of these texts, and guided practice in using them, these preservice teachers will have a heightened awareness of the region and be better prepared to tackle misconceptions and stereotypes often associated with various cultures, especially that of Appalachia.
Emerson has a great deal more in store for whoever answers his call, but what I've gathered is not alien to Appalachia, where one finds evidence of shovels and spades at the surface.
counties, the highest levels of all three are in the South and parts of Appalachia, and the lowest levels of the three indicators are in the West and Northeast.
Patriot Coal is a producer and marketer of coal in the eastern United States, with 10 company-operated mines and numerous contractor-operated mines in Appalachia and the Illinois Basin.
With our partners from the American Chestnut Foundation and the mining industry, we are working to help return this natural icon to Appalachia by planting it on reclaimed surface mine lands.
Deborah Weiner's social history of the Jewish commercial class in Appalachia is an important contribution to a new wave in Appalachian studies that profoundly challenges such omissions.
From the 1970s to the 2000s, the worst poverty rates in Appalachia in the Fourth District were in the Appalachian portion of Kentucky.
Figure 1 compares poverty rates in the United States with those in the Appalachian region as a whole and with the areas of Appalachia that are in the Federal Reserve's Fourth District (which is served by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland).
In order to be a member of the Appalachia Chapter, you must send in a "Consent-to-serve" form to SCNA.
Yet low-income whites in Appalachia and the Mississippi Valley die four years sooner than their Northern neighbors.
Activists at Coal River Mountain Watch and other organizations connect these past and potential future disasters with the greater issue of mountaintop removal mining, a practice routinely used in Appalachia by Teco Coal, Arch Coal, A&G Coal Corporation, National Coal, Massey Energy and its subsidiaries.
Howard Dorgan, Giving Glory to God in Appalachia: Worship Practices of Six Baptist Subdenominations (Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1987); The Old Regular Baptists of Central Appalachia: Brothers and Sisters in Hope (Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1989); In the Hands of a Happy God: The "No-Hellers" of Central Appalachia (Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1997).
Americans who live in Appalachia experience unique and different ways of life than most Americans.