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disciple of Jesus and leader of the Apostles

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That's the big difference between the apostle Peter and Judas Iscariot.
Saint Rodion was a kinsman of the Apostle Paul; St Olympus, mentioned by the Apostle Paul, was also a companion of the Apostle Peter.
So the apostle Peter advises us to stay sober and on the alert at all times.
The Apostle Peter needed the Father in order to know the true nature of Jesus (Matt.
At some point, one of the clerics said to the others, "I believe he has made the face of the apostle Peter too red.
Further, Matthew and John were indeed among the 12 Apostles who walked with Christ Jesus; Mark was a close friend and companion of the apostle Peter and walked with Paul as well; and Luke was a companion to Paul on his journeys to establish churches in city after city.
Scholars have put forward very cogent arguments both for and against the Apostle Peter, as having been the author of what some have called "The lovely Letters.
Bowersock's "Peter and Constantine" (5-15), probes the historic rumor about the connection between Constantine, "first Christian emperor" and the veneration of the apostle Peter, to demonstrate convincingly that the evidence for Constantine's connection comes from the problematic records of the Liber pontificalis, written almost two hundred years after Constantine's demise.
20pm near the tomb traditionally believed to be of the apostle Peter, the first pope.
John Paul requested in his last will and testament to be interred ``in the bare earth,'' and his body will be laid to rest under the floor of the crypt below the basilica, among the remains of pontiffs from centuries past near the tomb traditionally believed to be of the apostle Peter, the first pope.
If God inspired the prophet Joel to envision women preaching under the power of the Holy Spirit, and if God guided the apostle Peter to declare that the coming of the Holy Spirit had fulfilled Joel's prophecy, then, Straton reasoned, Bible-believing Christians must not dare to silence a woman called by God to preach.
The songs are written from the perspective of the apostle Peter.
The Gospels say Christ gave his apostle Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven, entrusting him with the spiritual guidance of the faithful.
In the Passio, Simon Magus traveled with the intent of carrying out two specific goals: to promote himself as an apostle and to tarnish the reputation of the apostle Peter.