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(New Testament) disciple of Jesus

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Ironically, the Apostle Andrew has been a heralded Patron Saint of Russia since the earliest days of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Built in tribute to Apostle Andrew, who was said to have set foot on Cyprus on this section of the rugged Karpasia coast, most of the monastery's buildings hail from the 19th century but the church itself is about five centuries older.
Athenagoras was the 268th successor to the ancient Patriarchal Throne established in Constantinople or "New Rome" by the Apostle Andrew.
The St Andrew's Cross, according to legend, is that shape because the apostle Andrew, as a mark of respect, petitioned the Roman authorities who sentenced him to death not to crucify him on the same shape of cross as Christ.
The monastery -- one of the most important religious sites for Greek Cypriot pilgrims - was built in tribute to Apostle Andrew who was said to have come ashore to Cyprus on that spot.
He is the 270th Successor to the Apostle Andrew who brought the Christian faithful to the shores of Bosporus, ancient Constantinople, now Istanbul.
The apostle Andrew was the chap who fetched the loaves and fishes for the gathering at Galilee.
The 15th Century monastery is located on the Karpass peninsula, and named after the apostle Andrew, who reportedly visited the area on his final return to Palestine.