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a type of cell death in which the cell uses specialized cellular machinery to kill itself

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2A) this diterpenoid (3 [micro]M, 4 h) induces the morphological changes characteristic of apoptotic cell death as observed by fluorescent microscopy after staining with Hoechst 33258.
As expected, DAPI staining of gingival nuclei also showed nuclear fragmentation and blebbing, consistent with apoptotic cell death (bottom panels-Figure 3).
Antitumour effect of polyoxomolybdates: induction of apoptotic cell death and autophagy in in vitro and in vivo models.
Influenza virus induces cellular degeneration following infection of cultured cells in vitro, and the cytopathic effect (CPE) occurs principally through apoptotic cell death.
More than >90% of cells die by oncotic necrosis during ischemia-reperfusion and that apoptotic cell death can trigger neutrophil transmigration with massive aggravation of the apoptotic cell injury
Presence of surfactant resulted in a decrease in the percentage of apoptotic cell death in all the cases.
p53 is activated in response to a variety of stress signals, dictating a variety of biochemical and biological outcomes, ranging from effective repair of minor damage to arresting cell cycle progression and induction of apoptotic cell death.
Active caspase-9 was present in splenic lymphocytes with apoptotic features, suggesting a mitochondrial-mediated pathway of cell death, although evidence indicates that apoptotic cell death in patients with sepsis can also proceed by the death receptor pathway (4).
In experimental studies in which paraquat has been administered to animals, researchers have observed loss of SN dopaminergic neurons, depletion of dopamine in the SN, reduced ambulatory activity, and apoptotic cell death (Liu et al.
In animal models, histologic findings resemble apoptotic cell death rather than necrosis.
Aegera is a private North American biotechnology company focused on exploiting apoptosis control to extend and enhance the lives of cancer patients: killing cancer cells by inducing apoptosis and rescuing nerve cells from apoptotic cell death caused by chemotherapy.
In numerous preclinical studies performed by Fujisawa and others, the inhibition of histone deacetylation, which is instrumental in the regulation of gene expression has caused cell cycle arrest, differentiation and apoptotic cell death in cancer cells of various types.
Induction of apoptotic cell death and apoptotic bodies was confirmed by different methods.
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