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a morphine derivative that is not as strong as morphine

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Survey results suggest that patients would benefit from a quick-acting, easy-to-use drug such as APL130277 to treat "off" episodes that provides relief from the quality-of-life burden without imposing a high treatment burden; currently, when presented with the opportunity to use Apokyn, most patients choose not to initiate treatment, primarily due to the injection and possible skin irritation and inflammation.
3 November 2011 - French Ipsen (EPA:IPN) has sold its North American development and marketing rights for Parkinson's disease medicine Apokyn to UK Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Apokyn, which has orphan drug status, will be commercially available in July, with distribution to be handled through a specialty pharmacy network, according to a spokesperson for Mylan Laboratories Inc.
An alternative to Apokyn in approaching the problem of off episodes is rasagiline, a potent once-daily second-generation MAO type-B inhibitor that reduces the frequency of such episodes by blocking dopamine breakdown, although it's not useful as rescue therapy during an episode.
This injectable dopamine agonist, known as Apokyn, recently received Food and Drug Administration approval as the first and only acute or rescue therapy for off episodes in Parkinson's disease patients.
PharmaCare Specialty Pharmacy has been selected as a preferred provider of Apokyn, Bertek Pharmaceuticals Inc.