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This brief preface, as we said, reveals much about the attitude to apocryphal literature, adopted respectively by the Roman Catholic Lefevre and the Lutheran Gerbel.
Murdoch's study at once becomes the book on Cornish literature, essential for anyone concerned with Cornwall's past, but also breaking new ground for students of mediaeval drama, popular religion, and apocryphal literature.
Lutherans generally pay too little attention to the apocryphal literature, even though Luther included the books in his complete German translation.
Like Gershom Sholem in the first half of the twentieth century, Peter Schafer attempts to find the origins of the Bahir's understanding of God as both masculine and feminine; to this end, the first half of the book traces the Wisdom tradition in the Hebrew Bible, apocryphal literature, Philo, Gnostic mythologies, the rabbinic literature, and medieval Jewish philosophers.
This hint takes on new meaning when one considers the close connection of wisdom and apocalyptic at Qumran and in apocryphal literature.
cites many more early patristic opinions, especially from the Syriac and the apocryphal literature, about the theological meaning of Jesus' baptism in the Jordan.