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In this study of Mary the Mother of God, Virgin and Ever-Virgin, the various sources are examined--the Old and New Testaments, the apocryphal New Testament writings, the fathers, liturgical texts, private devotion and icons.
Her sources are the minimal excavations of Migdal, legendary material, the later traditions, Gnostic and apocryphal New Testament texts, and the canonical Gospels.
One victim of blasphemy law, William Hone, further scandalized churchmen by producing an Apocryphal New Testament (1820), which implicitly called into question the authenticity of the Authorized Version.
She reports disappointment in what seemed to her careless use of biblical references, with alternative references to an Inclusive New Testament and heavy reliance on Gnostic and apocryphal New Testament material.
Together, Silverstein and Hilhorst introduce the Western tradition of this book, and its principal manuscripts, and they provide an exhaustive Bibliography, far exceeding that previously found in, say, Geerard, Erbetta, or my own Apocryphal New Testament (=ANT).
So supplementary or alternative books came to be written, and in modern times these have been lumped together under the general heading of the Apocryphal New Testament or (less misleading) `New Testament Apocrypha'.
6) In an article published in 1979, Gerard Poupon saw Lefevre's efforts to make available the apocryphal New Testament simply as an expression of fairly uncritical enthusiasm for the rediscovery of witnesses to ancient forms of piety.