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Marx suggests that the dramatist most likely knew the apocryphal gospel from memory.
As all discussions of this issue point out, the apocryphal Gospel of Philip says, "Now Mary was the favorite of the Savior, and he often used to kiss her on the lips.
827), the apocryphal gospel (De zoon van de panter), the renaissance detective (De Phoenix), and the rococo licentious novel (De kameleon; see WLT 76:2, p.
The apocryphal Gospel of Thomas prescribes an ascetic life through self-discipline, solitude, and revelation in one of the most significant texts of the Nag Hammadi Library.
75), Forni quotes a single supporting point from a 1992 article by Saverio Bellomo: in the apocryphal Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew, Joseph refused to believe that the angel had impregnated Mary, suspecting instead that 'somebody pretended to be the angel of the Lord and deceived her'.
In the apocryphal Gospel of Peter (2nd century), he is a friend of Jesus and of Pilate.
The English text of the Gospel of Nicodemus in this manuscript is a reflection of an enduring interest in the apocryphal Gospel in the later Middle Ages and beyond.
He is traditionally credited as the author of the apocryphal Gospel According to St.
Dr Williams has in the past endorsed a version of the NT that has five gospels; it includes the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas and leaves out the book of Revelation.
Maybe Jesus belonged to a philosophical group called "Cynics"; maybe the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas, which has no cross, no church, no creed, has preserved the "real" Jesus.
Kunze, noting the first German life of Mary in 1172 by an Augsburg priest using the apocryphal gospel of Ps.
The 2nd-century apocryphal Gospel of Judas favorably evaluates him.
This includes supporting Tolstoy's revision of the Gospels and insisting that the apocryphal Gospel of Barnabas is the only accurate account of the life and death of Jesus.
Since the introduction to apocryphal Gospel literature in volume i does not consist of an account of the canonical Gospels, and the introduction to the apocryphal Acts in the present volume does not consist of a study of the Lukan Acts, why should a lengthy analysis of the apocalyptic material of the New Testament be thought an appropriate way to introduce a group of apocryphal works which certainly resemble New Testament apocalyptic no more than the apocryphal Acts do the canonical Acts?
They take the four canonical Gospels in turn, look at apocryphal Gospels, then consider such topics as the quest for the historical Jesus, political and ethical interpretations of Jesus, and how christology works: the Gospels in practice.