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type genus of the Aphididae: injurious to fruit trees and vegetables

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APHIS also plans to tighten its compliance program, so that each test site would be inspected more than once, with the inspections occurring during critical production times.
The EIS being worked on by APHIS seeks to address issues such as expanding beyond those GMO crops that may pose a plant health risk, to including ones that pose noxious weed risk and can be used as a biological control agent.
We hope APHIS uses this new authority to proactively identify new pest and host combinations and plant species that pose a risk of being invasive and include them in the NAPPRA list," said Doria Gordon, director of Conservation Science for the Conservancy in Florida.
APHIS anticipates the release of a federal order that will provide them with guidelines for moving products from quarantined areas.
said in an email that "Senator Brown will be monitoring APHIS funding to be sure it gives proper attention to ALB eradication.
AHIS had earlier issued an emergency action notification to inform distributors that the seed, must be held until APHIS could "verify and identify the presence of additional genetic material," according to an agency news release.
AMACA is developing the network in response to requests at meetings held by the USDA APHIS Animal Care Division in six key cities this year.
Despite these overcharges, which exceed the cost of the APHIS program, the Department s proposal would implement a new, unjustifiable, Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection fee structure that increases the tax on aircraft operators by 300 percent.
The mission to eliminate this destructive beetle in Boston, combined with various levels of cooperation, has resulted in success," states Osama El-Lissy, APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine Deputy Administrator.
APHIS considers FMD to exist in all regions not listed on its Internet site as free of those diseases.
The USDA's Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service, also called APHIS, plans to use injections of the pesticide in non-infested trees that are susceptible to the invasive species.
Aphis coreopsidis (Thomas): EL PARAISO, Rio Chiquito near Repaco, 10-XII-1987, G.
Under APHIS protocols, if either the IHC or the Western blot returns a positive result the animal is considered positive for BSE.
APHIS developed the form because China requires that shipments with coniferous SWPM be accompanied by a certificate issued by the responsible U.